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1. Kerala PHP
Members: 282I am a memberI am a member
Location: cochin
Responsible: Dixon <email contact>
3. Goa PHP Group
Members: 12I am a memberI am a member
Location: Goa
Responsible: Mahahabaleshwar <email contact>
7. WebPro Technologies
Members: 6I am a memberI am a member
Location: faizabad
Responsible: Gaurav <email contact>
$php_baroda (Inactive)
Location: Vadodara, Gujarat
Responsible: Jyot vkaharia <email contact>
aadhunik (Inactive)
Location: Ghzibd, Uttar Pradesh
Responsible: Web Services India <email contact>
Ahmedabad PHP Group (Inactive)
Location: Ahmedabad
Responsible: Ankur Patel <email contact>
Ahmedabad PHP Group (Inactive)
Location: Gujarat
Responsible: Mihir Rawal <email contact>
all PHP tips (Inactive)
Location: Indore
Responsible: jonty <email contact>
Bangalore PHP User Group (Inactive)
Location: Bangalore
Responsible: Vinu Thomas <email contact>
Bikaner PHP Group (Inactive)
Location: Bikaneri
Responsible: Om Prakash Bissa <email contact>
Chandigarh PHP User Group (Inactive)
Location: Chanidgarh
Responsible: lalit <email contact>
Coimbatore Php (Inactive)
Location: Coimbatore
Responsible: vignesh <email contact>
Delhi NCR (Inactive)
Location: Delhi
Responsible: Rakesh kumar <email contact>
Delhi-NewDelhi-PhpGroup (Inactive)
Location: New Delhi, Delhi
Responsible: Mutahir <email contact>
Experts developer (Inactive)
Location: Dehradun, Uttrakhand
Responsible: Harish Rawat <email contact>
Global Interactive Technology Php Expert Group (Inactive)
Location: Hisar
Responsible: Sandeep Beniwal <email contact>
Gujarat PHP Users Group (Inactive)
Location: Gandhinagar
Responsible: Rajesh Kakkad <email contact>
Guwahati (Inactive)
Location: Guwahati
Responsible: Kulakesh <email contact>
Hyd-PHPug (Inactive)
Location: Hyderabad
Responsible: hari <email contact>
ISM Php Users Group (Inactive)
Location: Dhanbad, Jharkhand
Responsible: Kiran <email contact>
jaipur php programmers (Inactive)
Location: jaipur
Responsible: manishgour <email contact>
Kanpur PHP Developers (Inactive)
Location: Kanpur
Responsible: Wasi Abbas <email contact>
Kanpur PHP Group (Inactive)
Location: Kanpur
Responsible: shamik verma <email contact>
Nagpur PHP Group (Inactive)
Location: Nagpur
Responsible: Prashant <email contact>
onenall mrphpguru (Inactive)
Location: kolkata
Responsible: ranjeet kumar singh <email contact>
Orissa (Inactive)
Location: Raurkela
Responsible: Amitav Mohanty <email contact>
Pathway to PHP (Inactive)
Location: Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Responsible: A M <email contact>
PHP - Kolkata (Inactive)
Location: Kolkata
Responsible: dibakar <email contact>
PHP - Mangalore (Inactive)
Location: Mangalore
Responsible: shanker <email contact>
PHP Delhi Expert (Inactive)
Location: Delhi
Responsible: manojs <email contact>
php developers (Inactive)
Location: New Delhi
Responsible: Ravindra Kumar <email contact>
Php Developers - Gurgaon (India) (Inactive)
Location: Guaragon
Responsible: amit <email contact>
PHP expert group (Inactive)
Location: Tangra, West Bengal
Responsible: Deepak Rai <email contact>
PHP for fizzers (Inactive)
Location: Bulandshahr
Responsible: Bharat Kaushik <email contact>
PHP Group Ambala (Inactive)
Location: Amb?la Cantonment, Hary?na
Responsible: Naveen Bansal <email contact>
PHP Gujarat (Inactive)
Location: New Delhi
Responsible: shadab khan <email contact>
Php Gurus (Inactive)
Location: Bikaner
Responsible: mighty coder <email contact>
PHP Hyderabad (Inactive)
Location: Hyderabad
Responsible: chaladi <email contact>
PHP Kannur (Inactive)
Location: Kannur
Responsible: shyju <email contact>
PHP Kerala users group (Inactive)
Location: Kerala
Responsible: Praveen <email contact>
PHP Mumbai (Inactive)
Location: Mumbai
Responsible: Amjad Pendhari <email contact>
PHP Mumbai (Inactive)
Location: Mumbai
Responsible: amjad <email contact>
PHP Nasik Group (Inactive)
Location: Nasik
Responsible: Sandeep Kadam <email contact>
PHP Orissa (Inactive)
Location: Bhubaneshwar, Orissa
Responsible: crsukla <email contact>
PHP Pune Group (Inactive)
Location: Pune
Responsible: Sandeep Kadam <email contact>
PHP Resource Group from New Delhi, India (Inactive)
Location: New Delhi
Responsible: Rakesh Sharma <email contact>
PHP Superman (Inactive)
Location: Jaipur
Responsible: anil jain <email contact>
PHP Well-wishers (Inactive)
Location: Bihar
Responsible: Satya Prakash <email contact>
PHP4india (Inactive)
Location: Chennai
Responsible: Gobinath Mallaiyan <email contact>
PhpTuB (Inactive)
Location: Hyderabad
Responsible: Mohammad Asif Ali <email contact>
pHp_chd (Inactive)
Location: chandigarh
Responsible: Amandeep <email contact>
Rajkot PHP User Group (Inactive)
Location: Rajkot
Responsible: mitul koradia <email contact>
Saurashtra (Inactive)
Location: Rajkot
Responsible: nimit <email contact>
The Network of PHP Programmers (Inactive)
Location: Trivandrum
Responsible: deepusnath <email contact>
Webguru4u (Inactive)
Location: Chennai Beach
Responsible: saikumar <email contact>