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Nominees to win the award of June of 2024

Class: PHPInfo Guard Picture of Eric Jumba
Description: Protected replacement for the phpinfo() function
Author: Eric Jumba
Country: United States United States

Class: QR Code PHP Picture of Marcelo Telles
Description: Process decoded QR Code received from the browser
Author: Marcelo Telles
Country: Brazil Brazil

Class: Protected PHPInfo Picture of Faris AL-Otabi
Description: Show PHPInfo function output on a protected page
Author: Faris AL-Otabi
Country: Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Class: Emask Notifier Picture of Chun-Sheng, Li
Description: Send SMS messages using an API and notify by email
Author: Chun-Sheng, Li
Country: Taiwan Taiwan

Class: Fast Pages Picture of Rodrigo Faustino
Description: Generate HTML for several types of pages
Author: Rodrigo Faustino
Country: Brazil Brazil

Class: IrisSG Technical Test Picture of András Zoltán-Gyárfás
Description: Convert spreadsheet column letters to numbers
Author: András Zoltán-Gyárfás
Country: Romania Romania

Class: Strategy Pattern Example Picture of András Zoltán-Gyárfás
Description: Add a competition strategy to model classes
Author: András Zoltán-Gyárfás
Country: Romania Romania

Class: APL Test Picture of András Zoltán-Gyárfás
Description: Process large CSV files using Laravel queues
Author: András Zoltán-Gyárfás
Country: Romania Romania

Class: Feature Flag Picture of Mohamed Ahmed
Description: Enable and disable features of Laravel application
Author: Mohamed Ahmed
Country: Egypt Egypt

Class: Font Awesome Gutenberg Picker Picture of Victor Andeloci
Description: Use Font Awesome Icons on WordPress posts
Author: Victor Andeloci
Country: Brazil Brazil

Class: Laravel Middleman Picture of The Algoslingers
Description: Improve the security of HTTP request responses
Author: The Algoslingers
Country: Ghana Ghana

Class: Yii2 Giitwig Picture of Insolita
Description: Implement CRUD applications using Twig templates
Author: Insolita
Country: Russian Federation Russian Federation

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